The True Story of Blind Mule, G.F.,

The True Story of Blind Mule, G.F.,

December 6th, 2011 // 6:52 pm @

G.F. is a middle-age family man who was less than a year short of retirement with a major utility company in Los Angeles. He earned a salary of more than one hundred thousand dollars a year and raised several responsible children, including a son who fought in the special forces in Iraq. His life was shattered when he was arrested at the Tijuana Port of Entry with several kilograms of cocaine.

His court appointed attorney proceeded to trial on the case but failed to explain to the jury the personal reasons that G.F. had to make several trips into Mexico. The jury was left with the impression that since he had a job and family in the U.S, if he had traveled to Mexico on a frequent basis, then he must be a drug smuggler.

Even though G.F. is an outstanding citizen with no criminal record, he was facing a possible sentence of life imprisonment. The judge chose to give him less time than that recommended by the prosecutor and in October 2011 sentenced him to sixteen years, three months imprisonment. In addition, he was fined $15,000, and in a very unusual sentence, was ordered to pay back approximately $15,000 of attorneys fees to the Federal Defenders Office even though he was never told beforehand that he would have to pay back his fees and the Federal Defenders Office did not even request repayment.. A lien was placed on his home to enforce the immediate payment of the attorneys fees.

The family of G.F has been left almost destitute as a result of this case. They have had to move out of their residence and liquidate their life savings to deal with the court ordered court fines and attorneys fees.

This office was hired by G.F. to continue to fight for his freedom and the setting aside of the jury verdict. New evidence has come to light that supports G.F’s claims of innocence. Details of G.F’s case will continue to be posted here as the case progresses.

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