This fast paced story kept me on the edge wondering “what’s next.” The ending has real impact and the love story keeps one wanting more. A refreshing entrée to today’s offerings of legal mystery suspense. I expect to see it on the “best sellers” list for some time and can’t wait for the movie. A thrilling story with unquenchable romance. This fact-based plot will have you on the edge right up to the surprise ending. All that and great romance too. Babcock has to keep the books coming. I’m waiting for more!

A brilliant criminal defense attorney finds himself on the defensive, his life and future happiness at stake, as unknown enemies try to bring him down. Tension builds throughout this authentically chilling courtroom drama, as dangerous forces—be they international crime figures or spurned lovers—twist the law to their nefarious purpose to exact revenge.

One of the most authentic legal thrillers I have ever read. Accurately captures the high stakes and drama during a criminal trial. I hope to read more of Mark POrter’s adventures in the near future !

The Blind Mule is a thriller in every sense of the word; from the romance between Mark Porter and his beautiful Colombian girlfriend, to the plot to destroy Mark and his career and the twists in his courtroom trial. This is one of those books that kept me up at night, waiting to see how the deception and who was behind it revealed themselves. I found myself rooting for the main character and developing theories, trying to crack the prosecution’s case myself. I enjoyed how the story unfolded because I didn’t quite see the ending coming, and I learned aspects about the courtroom and the jury that were new to me. It definitely left me wanting a sequel. What’s next for these characters and this author?

Una historia apasionante que me atrapo de principioa fin, y me transporto por el impresionante mundo del tráfico de drogas a travésde varios países, con un romance entretejido en medio de un drama personal  y demasiado interesante debido a su misterio eintriga hasta el último momento.  Un magnifico libro muy recomendable.