This short excerpt from the prologue of The Blind Mule book should give the reader a flavor of the “war zone” that exists at America’s borders.  In the zeal to prosecute drug smugglers, the United States government has overlooked the reality that many individuals are duped into carrying, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, or marijuana into the United States.  We speak of Border Tzars and the “war on drugs”, but as with any war their can be collateral damage—those who are arrested who don’t know they are carrying drugs.


The prologue sets the factual background for the faced paced novel that follows.  While the Blind Mule is fictitious, the situation in which the protagonist, attorney, Mark Porter, finds himself is the reality faced by hundreds of individuals who are arrested at the border every day and in the eyes of the United States government are presumed to be guilty, not presumed innocent.

Chapter 5

This short excerpt from chapter five of the blind mule book shows the tension that even an innocent person faces when returning to the United States by vehicle. Often when crossing back into the United States, even the innocent person becomes fearful when confronted with canines and unfriendly border agents. Was there a chance that when I parked my car and had lunch in Mexico that someone planted drugs in it and is now following me to retrieve them? What about the young nephew who is the passenger in my car and who I don’t know so well? Could he be bringing back contraband? By the time one approaches the border, it is too late to turn around, the beads of sweat drip and the suspense mounts.