United States Acknowledge Existence of Blind Mules in El Paso, Texas

United States Acknowledge Existence of Blind Mules in El Paso, Texas

April 19th, 2012 // 3:17 pm @

United States Government Is Forced To Acknowledge The Existence of Blind Mules in El Paso, Texas


The official line of the government has been that blind mules do not exist and that everyone who drives into the United States is responsible for the contents of their car.  Finally in 2011 the government had no choice but to e acknowledge the existence of blind mules.


In El Paso, Texas, a drug smuggling organization, which included Jesus Chavez and Carlos Gomez, had spotters observe what cars were  traveling between Texas and Mexico every day.  They then copied the VIN numbers of the vehicles and had duplicate keys ordered for the vehicles.  The organization then planted drugs into the trunks of the vehicles retrieving them after they had crossed from Mexico into the United States.  The FBI in an affadavit, probably for the first time, had to acknowledge that the drivers of the vehicles didn’t know that drugs were planted in the vehicles.  For the full story see, http://www.elpasotimes.com/news/ci_1824727?IADID=Search-www.elpasotimes.com-www.elpasotimes.com


The scheme resulted in an innnocent school teacher from El Paso being held in jail for several days.  At first, the United States government failed to believe her. But after several days in jail as an innocent individual who was presumed guilty by the United States government, she returned home, a local hero. See full story at http://www.elpasotimes.com/news/ci_18458762?source=pkg


The mayor of Ciudad Juarez, Hector Murgia, was quick to call upon the government of Mexico to educate individuals about the perils of border crossing when cars have been out of the control of the occupant for several hours.  The United States government, has been slow to react and still continues to prosecute many blind mules without adequate proof of their guilt.


I call upon the President, Barack Obama, and the officials of ICE to immediately establish a task force to review the convictions of all blind mules.  One innocent person in jail is unacceptable. In the El Paso case there were many innocent victims.  And today, the United States government continues to send innocent blind mules to jail.


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