Excerpt from Chapter 5

Excerpt from Chapter 5

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“And what was your business in Mexico over the last week?” The reason that the Inspector knew that he had been in Mexico more than a week is because another border system, TECS ( Treasury Enforcement Communications System), takes a picture of the license plates of all cars entering Mexico from the United States and stores this information in a data base so that an Inspector will know the exact time that a car crossed from the United States to Mexico. Many drug smugglers have been caught because of a simple lack of knowledge of the TECS system. They declare that they have been in Mexico for only an hour when the TECS system reveals that they crossed a day or two earlier.

“International travel,” he replied curtly. As soon as he answered, he kicked himself, knowing that his ambiguous answer would set off alarms in the agent’s mind. Why hadn’t he just answered directly? Mark thought.

Inspector Arias, who was trained in reading body language and nuances of speech. As he had predicted, the agent did not like the answer. Why had he not simply told him that he had traveled to Mexico City or Panama or wherever was his destination?, Agent Arias thought.

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